Privacy Policy

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files saved during your visit to our website. Your browser gives our website permission to save these text files to a single location on your computer in such a way that the misuse of these files cannot negatively affect your computer. The website makes use of cookies to store data regarding your visit. Personal data stored in cookies can only be accessed by our website and is limited to your First Name, Country, Currency, Listings Viewed and Search Settings/Order. We store this data to make your website visit easier, allowing you to find the perfect Vessel in less time and in fewer clicks.

Storage of Personal Data

Personal data you supply to us including your name, address, phone number, email address, vehicle and preferences are stored in our secure database and never distributed outside our organization. Access to this data is solely limited to the employees of our organization and any independent contractors that may need access to our servers or database for purposes of solving a specific business need. All parties receiving access to our database are required to sign agreements intended to protect your personal data and guard against unauthorized collection.

Most new-generation web browsers restrict a website's ability to create cookies on your computer based on the standards of personal data security followed by the website. Our ability to create cookies on your browser is an indication to you as a user that our published and registered Privacy Policy has been accepted by your browser as containing the proper messages to ensure the security of your data to at least a minimal extent.